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Watch movies & learn languages!

Stop feeling guilty binging a show on Netflix.
With Movie Lingo it’s learning.
How it works

MovieLingo - your key to combine
learning languages & pleasure

We are proud to introduce you to our Chrome Extension and WebApp that helps movies enthusiasts to learn languages while watching their favourite movies and series! How cool is that?

Create notes

Add extension to your browserfor learning sessions

Review & Test

Log in Web App to manage your notes and test your knowledge


Add extension to your browser - translate words and phrases

  • Translate single words
  • Translate whole phrases
  • Save translated content as your notes to review it later on
  • Set double subtitles to compare meanings
web application

Log in Web App - memorize saved words & take a flash cards challenge

  • Mix & filter saved words and phrases
  • Review and memorise them
  • Select items to test your knowledge
  • Create flash card challenges and assess your learning progress
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Why is it worthy?

There is no better way to study than entertainment.
We change the education into fun. Binge-learn with us!

Acquire the native accent

You are exposed to the authentic, everyday language spoken by native speakers.

Learning becomes a pleasure

You choose what you're learning by picking movies and series of your interest.

Contextual learning

You catch the slang and informal jargon along with its context. You get used to the various accents.


What is MovieLingo?

MovieLingo is a Chrome extension and a web app that allows you to learn new languages while watching videos on your favorite SVOD platforms.

How does it work?

Start by downloading the MovieLingo browser add-on from Chrome Webstore. Open your streaming service and use the MovieLingo icon to turn on the features directly in the video player. Choose the subtitles' language and start watching.

To save and review your notes while watching, you should create a user profile. You will also gain the access to the Challenge section to quiz yourself and repeat what you have learned.

Is MovieLingo free?

Yes, and it always will be.

Which SVOD platforms are supported by MovieLingo?

At the moment, MovieLingo is available for Netflix only. The good news is that we are working on bringing our app to more streaming platforms.

How to share feedback?

We are always happy to know how to improve MovieLingo! There is couple of ways you can share your thought with us:

What does it mean that we are in beta phase?

MovieLingo is not perfect yet. We are still testing and improving MovieLingo’s functionalities. Thank you for your patiency! If you would like to share some thoughts on possible improvements, please let us know. Contact us at hola@movielingo.app. Give us review in the Chrome Store.

Who We Are

MovieLingo is owned by PlumResearch

A company that works with top film studios, executives, networks and TV broadcasters to help them make informed content decisions.

Plum’s mission is to tailor entertainment for consumers on a global scale by providing in-depth and accurate insights backed by data.